Treason, Bribery (and other High Crimes and Misdememors)

POTUS #45 has been in the news lately (when hasn’t he been)? If I may cherrypick a single area, namely, his recent travails concerning stewardship of documents, I kinda wonder what his motives were, and perhaps still are.

Many of us who failed to get draft exemptions for fallen arches (or whatever got him out of harms way) became custodians of “registered publications”, consisting mainly of classified documents. In my particular case, I was operations and communications officer while serving a on a WWII-era destroyer escort. We had, among other items, delineation of our part in hostilities with the Soviet navy (remember them?). These war plans were classified Top Secret. We endured annual audits/inventories of these documents. Every page had to be present. Woe betide me if anyone of those pages went missing. It could have resulted in an all-expense paid tour of Fort Leavenworth or Portsmouth Naval Prison, no excuses!

No one ever said that life is fair, but one wonders if this turkey will ever be held accountable for mishandling much more consequential materials – the type of stuff that gets people killed if some of this information gets into the wrong hands. What has not been explored is motive for grabbing these items, and clutching them for dear life. His neice the shrink hasn’t really been heard from recently, but one wonders whether this is an extreme case of anal-retentive psychosocial development, (or lack therof). At very least, Mar A Lago is hardly a secure environment to house this stuff, it being a private club and all.

Could there be a considerably more sinister motive? This is, after all, a man who toadied up to some of our more obnoxious international rivals throughout his presidency. He is also a supremely lousy, failed businessman, who is probably in debt up to his eyebrows. Could he be trading secrets for $$ (or the currency of his choice….)? Motivation for engaging in espionage has evolved from ideological (think Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg) to greed (Aldrich Ames).

Of course he could be planning to establish his presidential library, or better yet, write his memoirs. Give me a break! The guy is marginally literate at best. Don’t tell me he has even read any of the stuff he stole He is, however, good at getting someone else to build buildings, and putting his name on them.

Didn’t we used to call some of this stuff “treason”?

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